UNGEI Good Practice Fund

From 2014 - 2016 the ‘UNGEI Good Practice Fund’ supported 17 organisations and local governments from across the globe to shed light on best practices and lessons learnt in gender focused education initiatives – these are our findings.

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Start with the community

Engage parents and the community to breakdown discriminatory social norms and create networks of support.

Design with a gender lens

Embed gender specific objectives from the start to ensure outcomes for boys and girls.

Aim for empowerment

Strengthen girls’ confidence, decision-making skills and agency as this increases both learning and life outcomes.

Adopt a holistic approach

Tackle multiple channels of exclusion across the entire life experience of girls and boys.

Include boys

This leads to safer and respectful learning environments and lasting effects outside the classroom.

Case Studies

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Community in the Lead: Aga Khan Foundation’s Flexible Response Fund

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Leave No Girl Behind: Promoting rights for disabled girls through community action

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Promoting New Ambition for Girls through Clubs and Outreach

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Wing Schools: Promoting gender equality in hard-to-reach communities

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A Whole Child Model: Integrating education, health, and community engagement

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Space to Learn and Grow: CAJEFED welcome center for girl mothers

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Our Girl Child: Community leadership for tribal girls’ empowerment

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Empowering Girls to Create their Futures in Pastoralist Communities

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Pendekezo Letu: Building foundations for street girls

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AGE Africa Creating Healthy Approaches to Success

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Junior Kudra: Training the Next Generation of Nigerian Leaders

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The CTF Model: Girls’ education starts with the community

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Empowerment through Life Skills-Based Education

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Sierra Leone

Child-Centered Radio: A model for girls’ education

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FAWE’s Gender Responsive Pedagogy: A continent-wide approach

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My Rights, My Voice: Girl leaders in school governance

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Teachers Action for Girls: Transforming schools to support girls’ education

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Guidance Report

This ‘Documenting Good Practice in Girls’ Education and Gender’ guidance note provides advice on how to research and record quality case studies in the field of girls’ education and gender equality.

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Synthesis Report

Drawing on the 17 case studies developed by partners under the Good Practice Fund Project, this synthesis report captures key findings and recommendations for policy and programming.

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